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Distomos [adj.]~ properly two-mouthed (having two edges), like a “two-edged” sword with both sides of the blade sharpened to an edge; (figuratively) what penetrates at every point of contact, coming in or going out.

(A two-edged is an ideal defensive-offensive weapon and was known as “a drinker of blood”)


You can’t name a dream - Swahili Proverb 

Inception + Salvador Dali works

mallorie cobb ~ morphological echo

robert fischer ~ geopoliticus child watching the birth of the new man


One day I woke up and we no longer spoke the same language. I haven’t heard from you since. - “Where Did You  Go?” by Hishaam Siddiqi 

Inception + Salvador Dali works

arthur and dommorphological echo

the shade ~ galatea of the spheres


When I waked, I cried to dream again - “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare 

Inception + Salvador Dali works

yusuf ~ the sandman

eames ~ the transparent simulacrum of the feigned image

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I can’t reach you
Give me life
Give me pain
Give me myself again

"He’ll be lost."
No, he’ll be alright.”
          ↳ requested by xaedificare

With the slightest disturbance, the dream’s going to collapse.

where does she want to be in 10 years?


Ten years was a long time, but Ariadne was old enough now to realize how quickly it would pass. A teenager might view 25 as years away, but she swore that time just sped up after a quarter of a century, and before she knew it, it’d be ‘late thirties’ territory.

Not that it mattered in the slightest, of course.

Because in ten years, she’d be happy, as so often it turned out that happiness was entirely self determined, and Ariadne would never return to the days of her childhood when someone else tried to take that from her. She’d like to be set up with a little more stability, in theory, although maybe ten years from now she wouldn’t want that. After all, there was still a whole world to discover.

Maybe there’d be someone in her life, maybe there wouldn’t. Either way, there would be friends, there would be art and music and building both in reality and her own dreams, even if no one was paying for it any more.

No matter what, no matter how much time passed, Ariadne knows one thing for certain.

                          She would never stop dreaming.